Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday, Sunday

Another day gone. I have been slowly going through my pictures. Of course on my computer. I have over 4000 pictures on it. This is crazy. Pictures since 2003. I have this urgency to start getting organized, and when I go through this, I want to get my pictures done first. I did a little scrapbooking this afternoon. Working on my "dog" book. Although I feel like I get less creative the further along I get. I just want to get caught up. Oh well, one day at a time.

On another note, I went on a home visit for a prospective adopter for GPA Tri-State. My group places retired greyhounds. It is so much fun to see a person get excited about these dogs who have a special place in my heart. It does make me miss my pupper Brett. He was such a handsome boy.

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