Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm Still Here Guys!

I know I have been MIA again. I love reading everybody's blogs every morning before I get my day started. I just have been uninspired to post anything lately.

Weight loss is going slow. I hate that part. I did go for my physical a couple of weeks ago and the doc was really impressed. I was even more impressed when I got my blood work results back. Cholesterol is now 163. Last year it was over 240! Bad news, the thyroid is still messed up. My dose had stayed the same for almost 6 months and now we are back to trying to get it regulated. That does mess with your weight too. I have been soo tired, like dragging cement blocks around on your feet tired. She did more blood work to see why that is and so far nothing is giving us a reason. Blood pressure, still the same, and still on the pills. I doubt I will ever get off of them since my mom and her mother both had high blood pressure. Enough of that.
This is what I have been working on lately. My Heritage Scrapbook. I did it several years and was never really happy with the results. So I started over. I am trying to get it done to exhibit at the 4-H Fair. Anyway, enjoy the pictures of my album. I am still trying to figure out how to photograph them. All photos are my family in some way. I made copies of the original photos since I didn't want to alter them.
These photos are baby pictures of my grandfather (lower right corner) and my great-grandfather. I also found this old xerox copy of the page out of a family bible that contains their names. It was in really rough shape, so I grunged it up to make it look even worse!
These photos are of my grandfather and his siblings. The white card is from the funeral of one of his sisters. It is so sad to read, but the artwork is amazing.
This is defintely a staged photo. But I think it is hilarious. I believe the man in the lower right corner to be my relative, my great-great uncle, I think. Enjoy. I will try to post more later.