Friday, October 31, 2008

Saturday Projects

Here it is Saturday again. Where has the week gone? Heck, where has the year gone? November 1, soon Thanksgiving will be here. Next Christmas. I don't even want to think about that. Well, I had planned on spending the day in my sewing room, but that didn't happen. My husband is gone. Driving the semi for the local High School's band. Mind you, our youngest child has been out of high school for 3 years no. Oh well, I enjoy the house to myself. No one asking what you are doing. I did make a trip to the Village Mercantile to find some fabric for a Turning Twenty Quilt. I need a new quilt for the day bed in the spare bedroom. I invision shades of tan, mustard and black. After about an hour, I finally made my decision. I think it will be pretty. Of course, since there is black in it. I'm sure the cats will love to sleep on it. I did get a bracelet made today.


  1. I think there's something like 52 days left until Christmas. OMG, that makes me scared!!! I barely pulled off Halloween--I don't know about T-Giving and Christmas. Seems the older I get, the more I dread these special days. I think I'm missing their meanings and I'd better Snap Out of It!!
    So glad your daughter is OK from that wreck. Gads, I know what a sick feeling it is to get one of those calls.
    Hope your weekend is a good one! dana

  2. Your quilt sounds great!!! I have many quilts that need to be finished. I always seem to be pulled in three different directions with my kids and either do not have time to drag it all out, get it set up and leave it all up...or when I do- I feel guilty because the laundry pile is staring at me the whole time.
    Thanks for the visit at my blog. I will add you to my list of favorites so I can stop back in between the chores.