Monday, February 7, 2011

Another project finished

As part of my 2011 Bucket List, I am determined to get projects finished. My sister and I purchased this kit for our mom a couple of years ago. Good thing it had several years of stickers in it!!! It is one of those calendars that you flip the month then flip the days as well, so it can be used for a really long time. It had the calendar years up until 2012 (thank goodness she can use it for a couple of years anyway).

I had started it, then put it away. Then I found it buried in the back of my craft closet. Then I couldn't find the pictures. My procrastinating friends can probably relate to that. I hate it when I do that! So, I go to the computer and look at the Walgreens web site, and the pictures are still in my photo cart! Yikes, no wonder I couldn't find them, I never had them printed. Finished it up yesterday afternoon and got in the car and took it to mom. Another project finished. Sad part, it wasn't even on my list of stuff to finish. I had totally forgotten about it!


  1. very cute, michelle. love it. your mom will, too.

    i'm being forced to be gone from my blog. computer key issues. more re it over there. sorry this sounds wierd. i've not gone wonky on you. lol



  2. I'm giggling here about you crossing it off your list even though it wasn't on the list! Any accomplishment is worth noting! I'll bet it turned out really cute and your mom loved it!