Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Waiting and Prepared

Well, we have serious storms coming our way this evening. So they say. I am home with my two pups, Tom and Sadie. Hubs is out of town in South Carolina for school. I decided since I am in charge, I would make us a little storm shelter. So the closet in the basement is our place. Now this isn't your normal closet, this is my storage closet. It measures 9 feet X 9 feet. So it is pretty roomy for us to all get in there. Got a couple days worth of dog and cat food, leashes, along with their meds. Candles, matches, batteries, flashlights, kerosene lamps and extra kerosene. Got some snacks for myself and a case of Diet Cokes! Filled up the tub with some water. Got a big comforter and some pillows and we are all set. Now I really hope I don't need to use any of it!


  1. I hope you don't need any of it, either! These storms have been wicked here, so don't take them for granted!

  2. Good luck. I hope the storms are nowhere as bad as forecast. I can't imagine living where the weather is so scary.

  3. Really hope you don't have to use it but so good that you are well prepared. That weather is one reason I'm not looking forward to returning to Indy in a few weeks for the summer but it's that or roast here in Phoenix!