Thursday, January 9, 2014

Geoffrey Update!

The grandson, Geoffrey, is getting so big!  He turned 2 on October 17th and his momma turned 31 on the same day.  This collage are pictures from his three Christmases.  The far right picture is his first Christmas, bottom left is his second Christmas, and the upper left is Christmas 2013.
This is a very rare moment when Geoff is actually being still.  He is one busy little boy.  Everyone tells me that is typical for boys.  Having only had girls before, this is all new to me!
The kid has great hair!  He also has eyelashes that most women would kill for!  I think he is a pretty cute guy though, I guess we will keep him!


  1. He certainly is a cutie! :) And yes, boys are A LOT busier than girls most of the time!

  2. Oh, he is just precious! Seems like yesterday that he was born. Time passes so quickly.