Monday, December 8, 2008

An Experiment

Lately, I have been reading recipes for Laundry Soap. I know, most people are thinking about Christmas cookies and other goodies. Not me! I have been wanting to try it for a long time. So, off I go to our new grocery store. Low and behold, they had everything I needed for the "recipe". Fels Naptha Bar Soap, 20 Mule Team Borax and Arm and Hammer Washing Soda (not to be confused with baking soda).

The recipe I found is on Tipnut. I made a big old batch. I hope it works, because it makes 2 gallons! Here is the recipe.

1 quart Water (boiling)
2 cups Bar soap (grated)
2 cups Borax
2 cups Washing Soda

Add finely grated bar soap to the boiling water and stir until soap is melted. You can keep on low heat until soap is melted.
Pour the soap water into a large, clean pail and add the Borax and Washing Soda. Stir well until all is dissolved.
Add 2 gallons of water, stir until well mixed.
Cover pail and use 1/4 cup for each load of laundry. Stir the soap each time you use it (will gel).

My family was fascinated. Hey, what you cookin'? Laundry Soap!

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  1. Michelle...I've done this before and just love using it. I put a several drops of lavender essential oil in mine...what a great scent. This stuff really works. I need to make some more.