Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Grandcats

I was visiting one of my favorite blogs, although I have a lot, Sew Primitive Quilter. She has the funniest cat. Rembrandt. Her little fur ball resembles my grandcat Mimi. Mimi LaRoux. Sounds so exotic, doesn't it?

But then I must mention my other grand cat, Daisy. She is a Siamese mix and she is absolutely beautiful. Another spoiled brat. On another note, Miss Sadie is spending the weekend at the vet. She was up all night vomitting and because of the heart meds she is on, they can only give her iv fluids to try to help her out. She is very dehydrated. So she won't be back home until Monday morning. I hope she feels better soon.


  1. Cute fur babies! I'm so sorry that your baby is sick. Hope she's much better soon. Love that picture of her dreaming of rabbits. All fur babies should be spoiled brats. They deserve it! :-)



  2. I hope your baby gets better soon! :(