Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Stitchings

Today, I am suffering from a nasty sore throat. It has been lingering for about 5 days now. I decided instead of just sitting here in front of the television, I would get out an old project.I bought this pattern several months ago and just can't seem to get too interested in it. The pattern is called Hester Van Dorn. I bought this because back in the family tree on my mother's side, there were Van Dorns. It is such an unusual name, I thought, this must surely have some connection. I haven't done any research to find out, but I am going to get working on this. Besides, maybe I can do a grained picture frame like I did in my tutorial.


  1. It is beautiful and intricate, isn't it? Love the frame, as well!

  2. I hope you start to feel better soon. Take care, Natalie

  3. Sorry to hear you don't feel well. I hope you get better soon. love your blog by the way. God Bless

  4. Sorry you're sick. Feel better soon.

    I like the pattern and the frame. There is a Confederate General who was named Gen. Earl Van Dorn. Is it a Dutch name?