Wednesday, December 23, 2009


This is my foster dog Dave. He has been with us since May 20th. He had been doing so good about not even looking at the furniture. Well, once the cold hit southern Indiana, he decided to do what the other greys do here, snuggle up on the couch. Now I know I am not supposed to let foster dogs on the furniture, but doesn't he look so comfy?
This week has been a bit overwhelming to say the least. An event at work, that I cannot even begin to talk about, has left me with a very bitter taste in my mouth. It has also left me doing a lot of soul searching. We also have a temporary foster, Stranger, at my house for a couple of weeks. He is such a sweetie. He came to us late one Sunday evening, not getting a chance to see the pond. Yes, keep that in mind, while I tell the rest of the story. Monday morning he went out to potty, no biggie. When I got home that evening, it was already dark, and temperatures here were quite chilly. There was ice on the pond and I guess he thought it was the ground, because he tried to walk on it. Well, he fell through and got soaking wet. I didn't give it a second thought. Dried him off and went about my business. Well, Wednesday morning, my Dixie girl kept looking toward the pond. Curiosity got the best of me and I went to investigate. What I saw next still haunts me. My pond EMPTY!!! The plants all clinging to the bottom of the liner in a frozen heap. But the sadest part, my fish were frozen in all the mess. Not a drop of water left. I guess Dixie heard the pump sucking air and couldn't figure it out. I know it wasn't Stranger's fault, he didn't know any better. Dang it though, such a sad loss.

Sorry to ramble my friends. On a brighter note, I weighed in this morning and lost another 2.8 pounds. For a grand total of 22.8 pounds. I am still in shock. My clothes aren't really fitting any differently. Even more of a shocker, is that I have managed to do this during 2 major holidays!

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  1. your foster dog does look comfy...and great news on the weight go is so hard this time of year..Merry christmas.:)