Sunday, April 4, 2010

Thrift Store Find

I have been running in and checking out the thrift stores on the way to my mom's house. I hadn't been very lucky until I found this little goodie at the Salvation Army Store. I was thinking I had lost out again, and I found this tucked away on the bottom shelf, almost out of sight. The bargain price, $3.99! Well, at least I thought it was a bargain. It holds recipe books and then the little drawers will be used for some kind of storage. Then, off to Target to purchase the new Hungry Girl cookbook last Tuesday. This is a must have. There are some really good recipes in there!

Oh my goodness, I almost forgot to tell you! I am going to be a grandma. My oldest daughter is expecting. She goes to the doctor the 23rd so I guess more info to follow!


  1. congrats on being a grandma...I look forward to making you some bibs in the future..will have to do one that says babys first christmas.:>)

  2. I like this cabinet!! i never seem to find anything so terrific when I pop into a thrift store!