Sunday, March 27, 2011

No April Fools!

Friday, April 1, will be my last day the library. I was able to pick up some more hours at my "day" job. Plus with the price of gas, I decided I might be ahead to simplify things! Also, I have my second phone interview with Weight Watchers on Wednesday. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


  1. Fingers, toes and paws crossed for you here:) I wonder if you'll get any April Fools tricks played on you to 'celebrate' your last day?

    Good luck:)

  2. I am so very happy to hear that you are getting closer! Fingers tightly crossed here that you will get that Weight Watchers job!

  3. Oh, you go girl! Hope the WW gig works out for you. Anyone would be blessed to have you as an employee.


    Sheila :-)