Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Switching Gears

Some of my longtime followers may remember my weight loss journey back in 2009.  Click HERE to read the beginning of the story.  Well, needless to say, I didn't continue and have done a bit of back sliding.  So, I am going to switch gears here and try to focus on my weight loss again and healthy recipes.

I'm going to put my weight numbers out here, because I think making it known will help me with this adventure, AGAIN.  I started out in 2009 weighing 221 pounds.  Yikes, I hate even thinking that number!  After 14 months of Weight Watchers, I lost 71 pounds and got to my goal weight of 150.  Weight Watchers is kind of unrealistic with their goal weights, so my doctor and I had a meeting of the minds and decided 150 was a very realistic number for me.

Fast forward to January 3, 2015.  I weighed in at home on that day and weighed 185.6.  How in the world did 35 pounds creep back on my body?!  I was so aggravated with myself as the weight just kept piling back on the past 4 years.  So, time to do something before I gain the entire 71 pounds back!

While I am a lifetime Weight Watcher member, I decided to try a different approach this time around. I am using the My Fitness Pal app on my iphone.  Based on my information, the app has allowed me 1200 calories a day.  Which seems realistic for me.  I am finding the app very user friendly
as well.  Also, a friend of mine through facebook started a little group for a few of us greyhound lovers.  Mostly, it is a support group, diet hints, and recipes.

When I started this adventure, I decided I would give myself 30 days to see how it went.  I am happy to report that as of January 30, 2015 I weighed in at 175 pounds.  Down 10.6 since I started this re-adventure.

Today, I leave you with this quote from my dad...

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