Wednesday, February 25, 2015


I just found this post saved as a draft today.  Click HERE to see the before pictures of the pantry. 

Located just across from the kitchen is our pantry.  There is a pocket door to close if I need to keep certain 2-legged kids or 4-legged kids out occasionally. 
At the end of the pantry is the remains of a closet from the bathroom that we took the space from to create the pantry.  I removed the louvered door and put up the curtain so when I need to, I can pull the curtain to the left and use the hook to allow me to get in there and get what I need.  This space is good for bigger appliances, paper products, canning supplies, casserole dishes, odd shaped pans and the bigger recycle bins.

There are 2 sets of adjustable shelves that go from the floor almost to the ceiling.  I keep all my staples on these shelves.  These are great to stock on up everyday items.
I use baskets to organize packets other small items.  Cardboard flats, great for storing canned goods. 
 I purchased half gallon mason jars to hold pastas, rice, and other dry goods.
 My husband put in these hooks to hold items such as aprons, potatoes, onions, etc.
 This spice rack is probably my favorite thing about the pantry.  My husband cut out the drywall between the studs and framed up this spice rack.  Staggered shelves hold various sizes of spice jars.
 We also purchased a small deep freeze.  Having a side by side refrigerator, our freezer space was very minimal.  This allows me to stock up on meats and vegetables.  Shelves above the freezer are adjustable as well.  Cook books, dog items (first aid kit is within reach) and cookie tins are kept here.
 Another favorite storage item are these canisters from Sistema.  These canisters come with their own measuring cup.  No digging through the drawer to find a cup and no dirtying a bunch of measuring cups when baking.  I always find these at Marshalls or TJMaxx.
 I hope you enjoyed the tour of my pantry.

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