Friday, August 15, 2008

Picture Frames/My First Tutorial

Today I decided to finish a framing project so I can get my cross stitch framed. This is a Halloween checkerboard. I really like the look of grained frames and have done several. I guess this is my first tutorial, because today, I remembered to take pictures along the way.

First paint your frame in the color that you would like to show through the graining. It will be muted by the layer that will be on top. I painted mine Delta Georgia Clay.

The next step involves Burnt Umber Oil Paint, Brush Cleaner and a graining tool. This particular one has three different patterns. I have seen where people use a comb. I prefer the graining tool because it has a more flexible rubber pattern.

Squeeze a line of burnt umber oil paint out, I like to use meat trays to make this mess. Mix in some brush cleaner. Not too soupy. It needs to be able to be painted on. Brush this on covering the area to be grained.
Next you will take the graining tool and make your pattern. Whatever you like. The good thing is if you mess it up, just wipe it off and start again. Since using oil paint, it will take this bugger forever to dry.

It will be a couple of days before this actually dries completely and I can finish framing my project. I will spray it with a matt clear spray and put it out in the sun to try to speed along the drying process. The humidity is high here, so it may not speed it up too much.

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  1. What beautiful cake photos--a special birthday wish to your mom! Thank you for that wonderful tutorial! I've never used a graining tool before--now I get it! I so enjoyed reading some of your past posts! You are very interesting! I'd like to add you to my sidebar, too! Happy Pink Sat.!! Dana