Monday, November 30, 2009

I Need to Vent!

As most of my followers know, I am involved in Greyhound adoption. Well this DOES NOT pertain to greyhounds, just an observation I made today. Well...there is a lady that lived across the street from where I work. Keyword, lived. Today she announced to us that she had moved out. Found homes for all of her animals, except for the bull dog and bird that she took with her. Then she proceeded to tell us that she was waiting for the Great Dane Rescue group to come and pick up the last 2 dogs. This is what really pisses me off. She was almost proud of this. I would have been hysterical!!! These 2 dogs are older. One has cancer and the other is deaf. So, these poor dogs, are just cast off because she isn't in the mood for them anymore. She took the bull dog puppy with her. Now I know that someone will give these dogs a good home. They will most likely be fostered by someone who will love them like their own. But damn it! Climbing down off of my soapbox...


  1. There should be a 'Do-Not_Adopt-To' List for people like this.

  2. Oh, that is irritating! I like Gyeong's idea. Rescues should create a universal list that all rescues can use. Hmmmm...