Friday, November 6, 2009

Just Some Random Things

Well, here it has been so long since I posted, again. Things have been crazy here. Sadie's toe is continuing to improve. Thank God, finally. We have been going to the vet everyday for bandage change. Tuesday started everyother day. Hopefully when we go Saturday, we can get the darn thing off. It has been two weeks today that she had her surgery, so hopefully the stitches are ready to come out. This whole ordeal has been exhausting. We live on a hill, to get to the backyard, you have to go downstairs to our walkout basement. No stairs for Sadie. So we have to stay upstairs. I have been sleeping on the floor now for 2 weeks. Anybody else that crazy about their dog that they would do that? Please please say yes. So we also can't get the thing wet. The vet took an IV bag and made me a cover. Those IV bags are durable. We have been walking on that thing for 2 weeks now and it is still intact. Anyway, I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
To add to the exhaustion, we are having open house at The Heart of Newburgh this weekend. I was so excited that Halloween was on a Saturday this year. But then when the boss said open house was November 5, 6 & 7, it hit me. YIKES, we have less than a week to take the shop from Halloween to full out Christmas. Oh talk about crazy. Yesterday was the first day of open house and so far so good. We have so much Christmas, I hope we sell it all!

Then, crazy me, decided to have a party for the workers from our Greytfest. We are always working, so we never get to bring out dogs. Hey, we have a big yard, lots of room for parking, let's have a picnic here! Everyone bring your dogs and a covered dish and we will have a blast! Well, fun times were had by all. We had 22 greyhounds (nobody has just one), one afghan hound and one irish wolfhound!
Someone was trying to get out of the gate. They all kept trying to follow whenever someone wanted to go out by the fire!
This fellow here, Bluto, was staying with us while his family went on a trip. He is one sweet boy! Ahh, he loves me! Anyway, a greyt time was had by all. It always fun to see the hounds playing together. And you would think with all those hounds, there would be lots of noise. Nope, there was hardly a peep from anyone!
On the weight-loss, I was down a little over 2 pounds this week. Kind of disappointed, but I have to be realistic and remember I didn't gain this weight in a year, this has been coming on for about 20 years now. Oh yeah, and I totally passed up decorated sugar cookies, spiced cider and pumpkin bread at the open house. Man that was hard.

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  1. wow you have been busy..I know what you mean about the weight loss..but kudos for sticking to your of luck with more.:) I am heading that I am tired of packing it around with me and feeling sluggish..have a great weekend..and take a nap..:)