Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Great Weekend

What a weekend! We went back to Greenfield, Indiana for my neice's wedding. We moved to Southern Indiana 22 1/2 years ago when my husband changed jobs. We haven't been back since we moved away. I mean we have visited family in surrounding cities, but not back to Greenfield. My goodness, that town has changed. We took the girls back to show them our first home and the home we last lived in before we moved. We hardly could find our way that town has gotten so big!

Here are the cousins. From left to right: My oldest daughter and the mother of my future grandchild, Jennifer. The bride, my neice, Crystle. My youngest daughter, Megan. Then the baby of the cousins, Sierra. It was great to get to catch up and enjoy the wedding. I said when we took this picture, I wish I had the money that is invested in orthodontics so these girls could have such beautiful smiles!

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