Thursday, May 20, 2010


In between vet appointments today, I did manage to get my veggies planted. Rain was in the forecast, so I had to act quickly. I didn't really want to plant much, but you at least need a few tomato plants, right? So here's what I planted.
Rutgers Tomatoes-9 plants. I figure I will lose a few to the bunnies! Bonniebell Peppers-1 plant. My husband loves stuffed peppers. Cayenne Peppers-1 plant. It has been years since we dried them and used them for chili.
I went out to the shed and found my old reliable granite pot that I used to use for canning. I am excited to get back to some basics this summer. I want to fill up my pantry with pretty jars of canned veggies!


  1. Michelle, I envy you the ability to can. I used to watch my grandmother do it, and for some reason, I didn't learn. But I admire anyone who can can. No pun intended. ;-)



  2. Michelle, if you check in again, you have won a drawing on my blog! Come see!


    Sheila :-)

  3. himichelle,
    so sorry to hear about results from ultrasound. i hope she is doing well. my thoughts are with you and your family.

    the veggies look great!!! i got tomoatoes, peppers and cukes in. still need to get some onion sets.

    the dishes on my blog are by Gibson. the design is called "capri" ;) i think they come from Macy's.