Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bluto's Gettin' A Home!

Good news everyone! My foster Bluto is getting a home! I absolutely adore this dog and wish I could keep him myself. But with 2 seniors and my heart dog Sadie, I just don't want to strap the budget. But tonight, he is going to his new home (hopefully his last). I will miss you buddy!

P.S. Leaving in the morning for Tennessee to visit with a good friend. I know I will have lots of bloggin' to catch up on when I return.


  1. I'm happy for Bluto! I know you'll miss him, but you are a good egg, Michelle. Bless you for doing this great thing for greyhounds.

    Have fun on your trip!

  2. Hi Michelle
    Isn't he just the luckiest little guy to get his very own new home! I know you'll miss him. Will he be far from you? I wish all the best for him.

    Have a great trip visiting your friend...come by and visit when you are back.

  3. He is quite the handsome fella. God bless him, I hope he adjusts to his new home easily. It is so kind of you to foster pets. Thank you:)