Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Dream!

As some of you know, I have been dreaming of moving my storage shed closer to the house. I would love to use it as a studio/getaway. I was inspired recently by My Shabby Streamside Studio.

It is chocked full of stuff. By the time I walk 50 feet to the shed, I usually toss it in and go back to the house.

Something is inhabiting the shed. Any guesses on who left this present for me?
It is about 10 feet by 10 feet and has a really big loft. It is full of wood for woodworking projects. Flower pots, extra dog kennels, the kids rocking chairs. All kinds of stuff.

My friend Teresa of PlumWater Cottage wants to help me move it. Dear husband isn't so inclined to help out right now. Do you think we are crazy?


  1. Crazy? Perhaps. Motivated? Definitely.

  2. You go girls! I would love to have a shed like yours to make all girly and cute. I would totally camp in it all summer. It's nice to find another blogger in Indiana too.
    Hugs N Herbal Blessings, Mandy

  3. You can move it if it has a good solid, screwed, well nailed foundation, and wall studs. A couple of options: (1) you can jack it up using a car floor jack, block it up as it rises, go corner to corner, until you can slide it up on a car hauler, or large trailer. Then take it to the new location, let it back down the same way, little by little.
    (2). My husband & I did this, it works, but sounds crazy. We raised it up, just like above, only we put pieces of telephone poles, and round metal pipes, under it, and rolled it across the yard. You push it like, a barge on a river, go slow, and as it goes remove the pipes or poles as the building clears off each one.
    Go to the front, and put the pole you just removed, in front. Do the same with each one, until you reach your desired location. Let it down slow, with the blocks and jack, just like above.
    If you decide to try it, empty it all out, and do it when the ground is very dry, and your grass cut short.
    Make sure you have it level, all over, so it won't tip over or tumble off. Make sure your poles are supporting all the corners and the middle well.
    You'd be amazed that it works, use good solid, 2x4s for the "barge poles". You can actually do it in one day, if you start early and have help.
    Make sure your building is very sturdy though, and no under ground wires, high electical lines, or pipes to interfere. Good Success!! Take precautions, stay safe!!