Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Apron Love

In an effort to get motivated to do something, I took most of my projects and threw them in a basket. When I want something to do, I can reach in the basket and pull something out. I purchased this apron on clearance at Hobby Lobby. It was one of those pre-printed jobs. The picture looks kind of funny to me, not sure why. I have been fascinated by aprons lately. Wish me luck on getting projects done!


  1. Love it! Thought about trying one, maybe now I will.

  2. Good luck with your projects:) What are you going to do to the apron? It looks ready to wear to me:)

  3. That is a sweet apron. I haven't seen one quite like that before... I know how that goes wih projects though I don't know why... You'll be inspired again I'm sure.
    have a great day.
    thank you for visiting me this morning. We love those dobies too. It was very sad when my son had to put his pup down last fall but this new one sounds to be a lot of fun already and has settled in nicely.