Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Finally, A Project

I finally got something done! Belonging to a county homemakers club, you are required to exhibit at least ONE project in the fair. Well, having had 2 kids go through the 4-H program, I am following in their footsteps and waiting until the last minute to finish projects! That's the 4-H way, right?

I have had these boots for a couple of years now. A yard sale find, I think. I knew right away that I wanted to put a flower arrangement in them. It just took me a while to finally do it. Except now that I am looking at the picture, I see a hole that I need to fill.

Hey, at least I have my ONE project to exhibit! I do want to get more done, but only time will tell. I have gotten sucked in the world of Pinterest. If you haven't looked at it, don't. You will get sucked in too!


  1. Oh, that is so cute, and yes, I recall those last minute project days of 4H really, really well! lol I am pretty sure some things never change!

  2. I would be so wearing those boots:) But they look lovely with flowers in them too!