Monday, June 23, 2008

One day and counting!

Counting down the days until I leave to visit my friend Cathy in Maryville, Tennessee. One day left and I can't wait. Cathy and I go way back. We became friends when our girls were in girl scouts. She was the leader and I did whatever she told me to. Cathy was the kind of leader every scout troop needs and our girls learned so much while she was in charge. Then, her husband decided to move with his job to Tennessee. Darn it. She has been so good about coming to see me whenever she is home, so this summer, I am going to visit her. Although our girls are now in college, we will try to have fun without them.

Thanks to all the blogs I have visited who have "playlist". I managed to figure it out and get one of my own. I was so overwhelmed by all the music to choose from, my mind just went blank.

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