Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pink Saturday

I first learned about PINK Saturday from Teresa at Plumwater Cottage. Living in a log home, I tend to be a little more primitive when it comes to decorating. But I did find a few special PINK things.
Hanging in my bedroom, this rack made from an old window ledge and old door knobs, holds something very dear to my heart. This cute little PINK wool coat and hat. I wore these when I was a little girl. Picture this, a little red headed, freckle faced girl sitting on the kneeler at .church with this little ensemble on? Mom had loaned the coat and a bunch of my other clothes to my cousins. I was very lucky when they found their way back to me. The little PINK booties hanging with it belonged to my youngest daughter, Megan.
On the mantle in my bedroom are a pair of PINK ceramic booties. These were a special gift to me from my husband's "grandma bobbie". I was told that these belonged to her mother. I feel honored that she gave them to me.


  1. Michelle, I am so glad you decided to participate in Pink Saturday. It has been so much fun.

    All of your pink things are such treasures. I'm glad your little coat and hat found its way home to you.

    It is so funny to me how my eye just seems to find pink everywhere I go. This week alone, I purchased pink latex gloves to use for cleaning, a pink scrubby for my kitchen and a pink measuring scoop. One day you might be seeing them on Pink Saturday.

  2. The pink you have shared are certainly treasures. I used to have a wool coat of my daughters that I wanted to save but I leant it to someone who never returned it. Your pink coat is just as darling as can be!

    The ceramic booties are a treasure as well!

    take care,

  3. What sweet pink items to share today! They are all just precious!

    ~Rhonda ;)

  4. Good Morning, That little coat of your is just adorable!!!...You must have been the cutest little thing dressed in it!....Nice to see you cherishing it as you do!...Heidi :)

  5. The little pink coat is my favorite!!! How adorable! :) xoxox!

  6. how cool that you live in a log house! i have my daughters first pair of pink shoes hanging as well. (i smell next weeks' pink saturday!)

  7. what precious treasures with sweet memories attached. both are adorable.

  8. What sweet treasures you have, I'd love to see you log house! I will have to check out your blog.
    Blessings, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  9. Don't we all need a little pink in our lives? Lovely memories. Nancy