Saturday, March 7, 2009

My New Best Friend

I first heard about Briwax from Janene at Primitive Lifestyle and immediately started searching the web for a source. I actually found it at the Ace Hardware online store. Hey, we have an Ace Hardware in our town. So off I go to see if they had it in stock. They didn't carry it, but the lady at the service desk said she could order it for me at the same price and I wouldn't have to pay shipping. I said "I'll take it!". Two days later, I go and pick up my can of dark brown Briwax.

I tried it on a painted cabinet of mine that had a few spots where some bug spray had taken off the finish. It took them off and made the cabinet look a little better.
While I was cleaning out the garage today I found the bucket pictured above that I had painted ivory. Not happy with it, I applied a coat of my Briwax and I love it!
I think I want to use it on everything. I think I will use this in place of a clear spray topcoat on my painted pieces. It is my new best friend. Thanks Janene!


  1. I am so glad that you love it!
    And you are very welcome! I am in love with mine too!
    And it/you did an amazing job on that transformed it into something spectacular! I like how it seals the item too!
    Have a great weekend!
    Show us more of what you use it on!

  2. The bucket looks wonderful. I've always used either a Minwax stain or a gel stain, but I'm going to have to try some of this Briwax that everyone is raving about. ~Ann

  3. Looks really good! I have never used this before, but it sounds great for touch ups and projects!

  4. I never heard of this product before, I love the finish on the ice bucket. Can you explain more about what it does? I have some painted pieces that I would like to age, do you think it would work on that? I stumbled upon your blog and I enjoyed it. I love anything repurposed! Mary