Sunday, May 24, 2009

Been Thinking...

Recently we have been gutting the bathroom just off of our oldest daughter's bedroom. She moved out about 18 months ago and since then it had been used for the cats. Well, our oldest cat was almost 18 years old. Recently I made the decision to have him put to sleep. He was using this bathroom floor as his personal litterbox. I had tried everything and that was my last resort. He did have a long life, but boy were my girls mad at me. After finding he had also been going to the bathroom in the register vent, then it had soaked through the ceramic tile. Yes the ceramic tile. I don't know that I will have ceramic tile ever again. I thought it would be waterproof. This has turned into a disaster. We have since had to rip up the entire subfloor and cut part of the heat duct out. I wish I had noticed this earlier. What a mess.

So, my new project, is this bathroom. I have the opportunity to buy a clawfoot bathtub for $30.00. Since the blue shower is gone, I have the perfect place for it. I also have an old washstand that I want to turn into a sink. Now the only thing that's left is the blue toilet. When I say blue, I mean turquoise blue. It is sooooo ugly. But I am trying to look up.

This bedroom has been basically empty since my daughter Jennifer moved out. It was going to be my dad's room when he visited, but since he has passed away, it just sits empty. Sooooo, this is what I am contemplating. Moving my sewing room upstairs. It is currently located in the basement. Mind you, this is a totally finished basement, but it has no windows. Then my thinking, I could turn the current sewing room into a room for my dogs. No unsightly kennels to look at. They could all be in that room. The walls need to be repainted, perhaps a stencil along the dog theme, humh, lots to think about. Oh well, that wore me out! Let me know what you think! Of course, other than the obvious. That I am crazy!


  1. photos sister, I need photos to make these sorts of decisions...hope all is well...have a great of your weekend..:)

  2. Hmmm...that is a lot to think about. I know I like having my sewing room on the main floor...natural light...close to the activity.
    I am sorry about your kitty. It's so hard when they get old and the quality of life is gone.
    Happy Holiday ~Natalie

  3. Oh my goodness. I can just imagine the mess and the smell that kitty made. It makes you feel badly for them when they get old and do things like that. I hope you get it all fixed nice and easy.
    I think I would move into that room, well make it a sewing room. It would be nice with windows.
    I've enjoyed reading your blog...
    come by and visit when you have some time..