Sunday, May 3, 2009

Thursday while on the way home from the needlework shop, I wanted to go look for some stones to finish up around the pond. My friend Lori said I know the perfect place! She took me back behind Victoria National golf course. There are some great stripper pits back there and surely there would be stones that no one was needing anymore.

So picture this, 2 old ladies cruising along in a white Honda mini van, enjoying the scenery. I was just driving along lazily and as we pass the maintenance building, Lori says "you might want to step on it". So, we're off. We pass this gate, drive down this bumpy gravel road, back to these stripper pits on our search for stones.
We are thinking of a plan. What do we say if someone stops us? Lori says, just tell them we are bird watching! Okay, I even have my camera. So that is a plan. A few minutes later, this golf cart comes out of no where. Mind you we are in the middle of no where, so where did they come from? Damn, they are slowing down. So I get my trusty camera out, they say "good afternoon, how is it going?". Oh it's going allright. I say "we are just out enjoying nature". Sounds lame, huh? Oh well, they had been enjoying their alcoholic beverages, they really didn't care anyway.
Of course, we didn't see the "no trespassing" sign until we turned around to come back to leave!!!

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