Monday, May 11, 2009


While shopping for my flowering plants for the deck this year, I seem to be finding all these really cool sedums.
I think these will be perfect for planting on the deck. It is south facing and has no shade at all. I have pretty good luck with my flowering plants until about the first week in August, then things start looking pretty shabby.
Last summer, at a mountain craft show, I found an old granite mug planted with a couple of sedums in it. They even wintered well. So I am on the search for sedums.
I am also on the lookout for unique containers to plant them in! Looks another good reason to visit the thrift stores.

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  1. oh I love the sedums and have many planters from the TS with those in them...pots pans, you name it..the more weird it is the better I like stuff will be going out on friday...:)