Friday, April 24, 2009

A Little Dirty Work

Today it was very warm here in Southern Indiana. Since my shoulder was messed up last summer, I really neglected my yard. I have soooo many projects and general maintenance that needs to be done.

My first priority is the area around my pond. Originally, we put down inexpensive landscape fabric and we left a strip of grass between the rocks and the fence. Whose idea was that one? You can't get the lawn mower in there, so it mostly was a mess all the time. This picture was taken from the deck looking down on the pond.
I didn't get any shots of the area before me and my daughter started ripping things up. Last weekend, my husband and I pulled out the whiskey barrel. It had an old pump on it and was spilling into the pond. The rings had rusted and the barrel was falling apart into the pond. I am still going to use the pump, but have to figure out a way to incorporate into a waterfall that will now spill into the pond. And that water lily. I had tried to no avail to get a water lily to grow in my pond. I tried all the cheap ones in the box at your local garden center. I finally broke down and spend twenty something bucks for one from a green house. Oh my gosh! It has been three years now and it is taking over. The mass of roots is now about three inches thick on the bottom of the pond, and covers the entire pond. I cut a section off and am going to try to get another start for the pond in the front yard. I kept saying "if I reach in there and find the frog, they will hear me scream clear to China". You all know how ugly those darn things are when they come crawling from the depths of the pond in the spring. YUCK!!!
This is a shot from the backyard. In the upper right corner by the fence is a red twig dogwood. My co-workers bought this for me when my dad died. I think I am going to kind of have a memorial garden around the pond. I am looking for a stone of some sort in memory of my greyhound Brett. I have some really cool landscaping lights that I will put back up after the weed barrier and rocks are put back. I will post the "after" photos, hopefully by the end of next week. I don't want this project to go on forever!

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