Friday, June 26, 2009


Sorry, I haven't been posting much. It has been so hot here. The humidity is killer and we are totally revamping the shop. Darn job, they just get in the way! I took this picture yesterday. I have these rusty iron greyhound silhouettes out by my pond. Every time I take the dogs out, there is a dragonfly on one of their noses!


  1. Love that photo..I got my package yesterday..thank you so much for the extra goodies..I hope you get yours soon..have a wonderful weekend..:)

  2. Now that is a great picture! I love your iron dogs, too. Really neat.

    We've had weird weather here, too, and we had a freaky storm last week that had high winds (and we are convinced tornados). It uprooted one of our oaks which knocked another one down, etc. Stay safe and stay cool...


    Sheila :-)