Monday, June 29, 2009

Lucky "Mail" Day

Do you like the mail? I mean snail mail. I normally hate the mail. I always let it pile up. It seems that nothing ever comes but bills. But today...was my luck mail day.

I got a rebate check for $25.00 from this expensive prescription dog food that I have to feed Tom. Then there was this envelope from the mortgage company. YUCK! Open it up, SURPRISE. We had an overage on our escrow account. Now that never happens. We were over $336.00 and we got a check for that amount. Cha-Ching!!!


  1. gotta love those kinds of checks..they don't come often but when they do..we got one too..pretty sweet when you aren't expecting it..:)

  2. Now that's a good surprise mail day! :)

  3. That was a good mail day...we usually get bills or Junk Mail...Take care ~Natalie