Thursday, June 11, 2009


My newest wish is to move my sewing room to my daughter's old room. I had posted about this earlier. I did manage to get a picture. The day bed is going down stairs in the old sewing room.

I have tried to no avail to talk my husband into letting me paint the floor. This floor is nothing special. The top layer is particle board. Underneath is 1x12 sub-flooring. They used this for the entire house. All I can say is the price of wood must have been cheap back in the 70's. The boards aren't in that great of shape. They will have nail holes in them for sure after the sub-floor is taken up. BUT, this is the best part, I found this really cool floor stencil. We have a company that we order from called MB Historic Decor. They have all kinds of "period" stencils. They have done extensive research to come up with their collection. Very interesting stuff!

This is what I really want to do to the floor. I wouldn't have to worry about pins getting stuck in the carpet. My husband says I'm crazy. But I love it! Soooo, he is going out of town next week, and I just might do it while he is gone. Does anyone else do sneaky things like that?


  1. oh yeah you gotta do it..that is a neat design too...hey on that fabric from need a sku# otherwise they can't track down what you want..if you have the recipt it will have the sku number there..good luck...:)

  2. LOL Sneaky Projects....I once took the soffits off all my cabinets, after my husband said no it wouldn't look right and it couldn't be done. I worked on it all day and had it totally finished and decorated before anyone got home. My sons and hubby sill laugh about it. I think your floor would look fabulous done with the period stencil...I have always wanted to paint a diamond or checkerboard
    floor but I'm not good with measurement and I don't have the confidence. Connie xox

  3. I think I would be tempted to do something like that..I do do some things similar when I'm all on my lonesome...and ideas strike and know HE will be ok with it...won't he..*lol*. Can't wait to see if you get th nerve to do it. I love the look. It looks complicated to me but I'm sure YOU could do it..*s*.
    have a great day