Friday, August 29, 2008

What a Way To Start The Day

Friday morning, 6:50 a.m., the phone rings. It is my youngest daughter, "mom, I have a flat tire, can you help?". Of course, I will be right there. So 30 minutes later I arrive to change the tire. We never got around to having the "tire changing lesson". Yes, it is true, I can change a tire. My mother made me change every tire on my car when I was 16 before I could take it out of the drive. But what was really sad, no one stopped to help. Here is a 20 year old girl, you would think someone would offer to help. Well, I say no one stopped, at least before I got there. This older "grandpa" type stopped after I got there. He was driving a VW bug and he had just had his first flat tire on his bug this week. Strangest thing, he had his dog in the car going to McDonalds and he was dressed, but he was wearing his house shoes. This was a habit that my dad had as well. He helped us get the lug nuts started and was chatting with Megan about her car and how much he loved his bug. Then he said "they are just so much fun to drive"! It didn't hit me until the drive home, this was exactly how my dad used to describe all of his vehicles, "fun to drive". What! House shoes, "fun to drive". Was this person sent to us to let Megan know her grandpa was watching from above? I know this might seem like grasping, but every day I think about my dad and I guess I just miss him, maybe I did imagine it all. Well one can hope, huh?


  1. i think he was a guardian angel in disguise. :)
    i know my dad is getting up there in years and not in the best of health. i dont want to think of the day when he is not around.
    thanks so much for this story. it was great.

  2. What a sweet heartfelt story!,I think it was your dad's spirit, how wonderful that he still watches over you and yours!