Saturday, August 23, 2008

Yet Another Pink Saturday!

Here it is Saturday and time for the PINK. Thanks to Beverly for hosting another wonderful Pink Saturday.

My contribution this week is my hot pink Morning Glories. I planted these hoping they would grow over my patio and shade the house from the scorching summer sun. But so far, they haven't gotten as big as I would like. Time is running out! I will be looking for something that will grow a little quicker next summer. I haven't gotten a picture yet, they were all closed up this evening. I guess that is why they are called morning glories!


  1. I tried growing morning glories once but didn't have any luck!! I'll have to come back later to look at your picture.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

    take care,

  2. No Mornning glories, but have a glorious weekend. Blessings, Virginia

  3. Happy Pink Saturday.
    It gets a bit wild in the windows, but if you start the vine indoors you can give them a head start for a longer growing season. I've done this with moonvine (a night blooming member of the morning glory family)and it worked pretty well.

  4. Happy Pink Saturday, Michelle.

    Those pretty blooms in the morning would certainly get your day off to a lovely beginning.

  5. I love morning glories----that one was so sweet! Thanks for sharing. Dana

  6. Beautiful! I haven't seen Morning Glories is ages! Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Pink Saturday to you,

  7. Love your pink morning glory!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Love, Ann

  8. I haven't ever grown these! I may have to try next season.
    Hope you are having a great pink saturday!

  9. Morning Glories are fantastic. They are some of my favorites, in blue and hot pink.

  10. The one time I had incredible morning glories I started them outside in early april. I have never seen pink ones before and i really love them!! I see you are doing the Halloween swap-so am i!

  11. I've never seen pink morning glories. I have lots and lots of blue and purple and they take over everything.

  12. Happy PS! Love the hot pink morning glories!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  13. Hey Michelle,

    I have never grown Morning Glories, but I think they are beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing them with us!

    BEAUTIFUL! ! !

    Michelle, I have your quilt finished! It is Beautiful!

    Have a wonderful PINK SATURDAY!


  14. Morning glories are one of my favorite flowers, although I always get the Heavenly Blue. This hot *pink* one is very lovely. Maybe next year I will get some of both! I always have wonderful success with my morning glories, and I don't ever do anything with them but plant them in full sun. This year we tried pots of them around the pool fence, and they grew very nicely, but I've never tried them for coverage over a patio or anything. Maybe you want to try a vine that comes back each year on its own, like a clematis, although that would probably take a few years to cover your area. I don't know a whole lot about them, but maybe you could check around about them. Good luck!