Saturday, November 8, 2008


Saturday, and my husband is gone driving the semi truck for the local band. Ahh, the peace and quiet. This is the last competetion of the season. Even though chores have been neglected by these weekend trips of his since beginning of September, I do enjoy the peace and quiet.

What do I get done with all of my "quiet" time. Usually not much. One or both of my daughters usually wind up running errands. Today, I am cleaning out the desk, shredding all that junk mail and statements. Sorting the recycling. Running the vacuum. I got the okay to run the vacuum by the occupational therapist yesterday. Isn't it funny that nobody else around here seems to have noticed the filth on the floor but me?

I did manage to get my collection of bobbins re-arranged on the mantle. I didn't like where I had moved them, so back to the mantle they go. I can never get them back the way I had them. But I think they look pretty good.

I will probably piddle around the house today. I also plan on staying in my flannel pajama pants all day!

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  1. I really like your collection you have shown!! It looks like you have been pretty lucky finding so many nice ones.
    I think it is great fun to play with your collections and make new displays. I lose track of time when I do.

    I have tagged you at my blog. Go see!!!