Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Trash to Treasure Tuesday

Since I was lagging behind for last week, I was bound and determined to get a post for Trash to Treasure Tuesday this time.

My "treasure" is this bench. A couple of years ago, my husband was working on the weekends doing some home remodeling with a friend. They were working on a house where this lady had left lots of "trash". I got quite a few goodies from that deal. One of the legs where the siderail went in had been split. So I had my husband cut that part off and re-make it into this bench.

Also, out of the deal, I got two, yes, two treadle sewing machines. One was in really bad shape, but my friend Teresa at Plum Water Cottage wound up needing a base. The other one was a more modern type, so I took out the machine, and put in a machine that I had. I gave this to my daughter when she moved out on her own. She actually usues it.


  1. Morning friend..I love the bench...great trash to treasure inspiration!

  2. I popped over from Diane's, and that bench is so cute! That's a great repurposing of the bed. I saw something similar (but not as cute) that I was eyeing in an antique mall recently. Yours looks so cozy. Thank you for sharing.

    Sheila :-)

  3. I want to do that! And before I started seeing this being done, I gave away yes GAVE away 2 beds and my mom sold 3 in her estate sale.

    You have a beautiful bench there. It is beautiful!

  4. I love your bench! hmm... I need one in our foyer. I might be looking for a small bed to convert. It is adorable.

  5. I LOVE your red bed/bench! I think next week for Trash to Treasure I will post mine :-) a little white spindle bed that my hubby turned into a bench. Love the needle point dog pillow on yours too.

  6. The bench is wonderful. A true trash to treasure piece. The treadle sewing machines are so much fun to own. You put them both to good use. Good job.

    Thank you for your sweet comment about Tanner. This is surly a win-win situation.


  7. Hi Michelle,
    That is a wonderful bench...and a great way to use a piece of damaged furniture!

    Thanks so much for playing along!

  8. I love that bench. You are so clever to think to do that. It looks lovely!

    I also love your header with all of those post cards. I have quite a few Christmas one and just about 10 or so Thanksgiving.

    take care,

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I LOVE that bench....it turned out so BEAUTIFULLY! I had never even thought of changing a bed to a bench until I entered blog-land and saw some of these.

  10. Thanks for stopping by today. I really like the bench a lot--what a great idea! You did really make out well on that home remodeling job!

  11. Thanks for checking out my T to T project from long ago. I love your bench - really like the color and the cushion on it. I had one that my DH did on my blog not too terribly long ago. I think they are such a clever T to T. I enjoyed perusing your blog too. I'm going to add you to my favs. PAM