Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday's Plans

Todays plans include a trip to a local nursing home with one of my greyhounds. I think I will take Sadie on this trip. Out of my three greyhounds, she travels well and will do the best in general in this atmosphere. Of course, getting out of the door without the others escaping too will be quite a feat. I must plan my strategy. They would all love to go, but Dixie hates to get in the car, and once we get there, they will probably have tile floors. That won't work for her. Tom, now he loves to go, but he will tremble the whole way there and the entire time we are there. After five years, he still gets nervous when we go places. I can't take Smile, fosters are not allowed on this greyhound community service project. Oh yeah, my nephew, Boris (the greyhound), will be going along too.

Just got back from The Protestant Home. Wow what a turnout we had. All in all, we had 10 dogs from our group present. Those residents loved it! We had a short presentation and then time for some questions. Then we got to take the dogs around to the rooms to visit the ones who couldn't get to the presentation. The dogs loved it too!

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  1. adam gets nervous in crowds too. but he loves to go in the car or suv!! if the dor opens, he is there!! :)
    got to love our greyhounds!!