Thursday, January 15, 2009

Brrrr, it's cold outside!

Here in southern Indiana it has been so cold lately. It was so cold my boss called and said not come in until noon. Well, I fed the dogs and back into the bed I climbed. It was nice to sleep in for a while. Besides, it was the warmest place in the house.

The bright spot in my day was the arrival of the new spring Vera Bradley patterns. Twelve boxes in all. Counting and making sure everything arrived. Plus, I got to check out all the new colors and styles. What fun!

My personal favorite, the new color Purple Punch.

I love this little Taxi Wallet. Shown in the new color Cupcakes Pink. It has a clip to put on a
strap, a little kisslock coin purse and best of all a magnetic closure. Vera has redesigned several styles. I must say they have done a great job.

And for you ladies who are trying to be more frugal and packing your lunch. The new Let's Do Lunch bag is so adorable. Much improved on the old lunch bag. Shown in the Hope Garden. Vera's newest breast cancer fabric.

You can check out Vera Bradley's web site or check with your local shop that carries them.


  1. Cute! I like these a lot!

    Glad you got a little reprieve in the frigid weather.

    Stay warm!


    Sheila :-)

  2. The Vera B. collection look good. All the bright colors. I guess we all need bright colors in our lives right now. You experience with the horse is sooo funny! It's things like that that make life so fun.
    Hope you warm up,