Monday, January 5, 2009

A Sigh of Relief!

Well I made it through court today without going to jail. I only made it about 3 minutes and the judge was so disrespectful that I left. Just because these are young adults, he didn't have to act like they were criminals or something. I didn't feel like getting in trouble today. It is over. My daughter is officially divorced. Finally. It was really sad though. When I think back to the day of the wedding, they were so happy. Once trust has been lost, it is hard to get back. God knows she tried. But I was proud of my daughter she held it together and was very well behaved.


  1. I was wondering how you were! I'm happy for you that it's over, sad that it didn't work out for the young folks, but I am laughing my head off at your choice of music! Even in your court state, you are a hoot, Ms. Hare!

    So glad no blood was spilled. ;-)

    Here's to better days...


    Sheila :-)

  2. i love the pic!! lol
    it is on my dish towel!! ;)
    give dd a hug for me!! i know what its like!

  3. It's hard for us to see our kids hurting. I know how you feel; my oldest son's 10 year marriage crumbled a couple of years ago when his wife started acting crazy and was unfaithful--he is a really good guy, and this just devastated him and his children. He wept in court the day they divorced, and I thought my heart would break. Still, he is in a very good place now, and has custody of his kids, so your daughter will make it with the love of you and your husband and your support. One day she will be happy again. Hugs, Jann