Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Horse wrangler?

Yesterday morning while I was sitting at my computer visiting my favorite blogs, the strangest thing happened. Here I am in my red hanes capri pajama pants, a long sleeved t-shirt lounging on the love seat with computer and my dog. I look out my living room window and whoosh, there goes a horse! I am thinking what the heck!!! I jumped up and called 911 to see if the sheriff would at least come out and put his lights on or something to alert drivers. I know the horse belongs to our neighbor about a half block away. What to do? I go to the closet, grab the black rubber tall boots, and my dad's old coat. I'm off. I drive to their house, in the meantime I am scanning the area for the horse. Drat, no one is home. What next? I hear dogs carrying on like none other. Look across the street, there he is munching on the neighbor's lawn. About that time, the sheriff pulls in behind my van. I also have the dog leash with me. Don't think that sucker is going around this dude's neck. He is very gentle, but man is he a big boy. He starts to trot away and the sheriff grabs him by the mane and just starts walking him toward his pasture. We get there only to find the little gate open. I don't know how he got through there. But he almost got back to the gate before I could get it closed. Smart guy. So here we are walking back to our cars and I realize this man must be laughing his butt off. What kind of get up is this lady wearing? Please, I say, don't mind my outfit. In the meantime, I am thinking, he will be telling all of his fellow officers about this crazy "horse" lady. This happened several years ago with a different horse. But then, the horse had a halter on and we were able to get the leash on him and lead him home. I was exhausted before my work day had even started. Of course, the yard where I found him, the man was out in his garage working. His dogs had been chasing the horse and he comes out, "I was wondering what all the commotion was"? Typical man. Now, if my dogs were barking like crazy I would certainly see what the "commotion" was. He goes back into his garage like he couldn't have cared less. I certainly didn't want anything to happen to this horse. Much less have a car hit it. Could you imagine the damage? Just thought I would share this funny story.


  1. I think you are wonderful for doing that! Horses are probably my favorite animals. I grew up with them and loved them SO much. You did good, Ms. Hare!

    I can remember years ago when I was a wee magpie, I lived in the country with my parents. Our yard man had a white mule that he pastured in one of the pastures behind our house. One night, I heard the weirdest sound of hooves and a chain. He used a put a chain around the ankle of the mule to make him easier to catch, and apparently two little boys decided they were going to ride him. They chased him all over our yard at about two am.. It was surreal!

    So glad you caught him or got help catching him. And as far as the officer is concerned, it's good to give them something to talk about. ;-)



  2. Cute story! I'm glad the horse was 'found'!


  3. Awwwww, what a sweet story and a funny sight I bet looking out the window! So glad the horse wasn't hurt!! Your a doll for caring! :) Love the picture too!