Monday, October 26, 2009


Oh my goodness! I can't believe it has been so long since I posted. Well my Sadie has gone backwards. We had to have the infection removed and stitched up. Thought that took care of it, but at Thursday's bandage change, the stitches had pulled out. So we were referred to Metropolitan Vet Specialists in Louisville. Sadie has been there before. She goes there for her heart issues.

After begging, I got an appointment on Friday. First, we had to check the heart. But I was totally expecting her to lose the toe. After tests on the heart, she couldn't tolerate being under anesthesia for very long. Plan B. They went in and cleaned out the wound and stitched it up again. But this time, a splint was placed on the leg, so the toes can't move. I am very thankful she didn't lose the toe. Her heart, however, isn't as good as it was in January. We are waiting on bloodwork to check her digoxin levels and see about changing her meds. Meanwhile, I am at the vet everyday again for bandage changes. A couple of weeks ago, they offered me a uniform. I may have to take them up on it!
On a personal note. I decided last week to join Weight Watchers. I have been thinking about it for a while now. My mood has been kind of foul these days, so I thought maybe if I lost some weight, I might feel better about things. I am debating about doing a follow along with my weight loss. I just don't know how I feel about putting my weight out there. I have done well this week as far as writing down what I eat and being truthful about it. Hope it pays off. Weigh in is Wednesday.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Toe Woes

It seems the toes around here are just not safe. Two weeks ago Tuesday, hubs came home at lunch to clean out the gutter (we had a major leak in the kitchen) and Sadie severly dislocated her toe while on his watch. The toe had completely folded over and was stuck in the next toe. So we were at the vet every day for bandage changes. One day she used orange vet wrap, so I decided to get festive and make a pumpkin face. So at the next bandage change, they tried to out do mine. Here is my sweet girl Sadie being a good sport.

Well, the bandage came off last Monday and we thought we were out of the woods. But Friday proved differently. She started licking the foot and upon examination, there was an infection in there. Now during all this she had been on anti-biotic, but after a day and half, she got violently ill. So we had to discontinue that treatment. After an anti-biotic injection, and keeping the bandage changed daily and keeing it dry, we thought we were out of the woods. So now we are trying a different anti-biotic and cleaning the wound 3 times a day. Keep your paws crossed that this takes care of it.

To my loyal followers, I must apologize for my lack of posting. It just seems that I am really lacking motivation to do anything these days. My dogs seem to be my only interest right now. Most of you know how much I love Halloweeen, but I just can't get into it this year. I don't have my decorating done and can't get any inspiration to do it. Things are just out of whack right now.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

What a Day!

Today was GPA Tri-State's 5th Annual Greytfest. We had lots of great items for the auction and U-pick Raffle. Wonderful Memorial Baskets. Great Food. Lots of beautiful greyhounds and lots of money raised to help our group save more hounds.

This year we had a Greytfest Prince and Princess. But to my surprise, there was a Gretyfest King and Queen and my Tom (KD Tom Sawyer) was named the Gretyfest King. The King and Queen were the first and second dogs that our group adopted out. Lucky me, I own the number one dog!
I had some professional pictures taken of Tom today, but this was after we got home. Poor baby, he was exhausted. The collar says "King Gretyfest 2009".