Wednesday, April 16, 2014

If You Mustache...

Megan is getting married!  We have had a fascination with mustaches since my grandson's baby shower.  So when the girls started planning Megan's bridal shower, we knew we would have to incorporate the mustache theme.
Megan is marrying her best friend, Chris Mills.  He is currently active duty in the Army and stationed at Fort Bragg.  The wedding is going to be on May 17, 2014 in the Smoky Mountains.
Our front door decorations.  Chipboard letters covered with cardstock, mounted on ribbon, spell out "I DO".  I even added a little mustache!
Once inside, guests were greeted by this little vignette, complete with their engagement picture in a chalkboard frame.  We are using this as our countdown calendar.
 We had a journal where guests were asked to write some advice to the young couple.  Next, we asked everyone to write down their favorite memory of Megan and place it in the jar.  We read these at the end of the shower and Megan had to guess who wrote them.  One thing, this kid has a lot of caring people who have been involved in her life, most of them since she was a young girl.
Megan's chair where she sat to open her gifts.  This chair was a gift to me from her dad on our first Christmas after we were engaged.
The M & M jar.  Pick a mustache and have a photo shoot!

Cupcakes, made by sister of the bride!  Delicious!!!
 Mustache cake!  I baked the cake, but our friend Lori, decorated it.
One of the games was to make a wedding dress out of rolls of toilet paper.  The girls broke into groups of four.  Each group picked a girl to be the "bride".  Then they took 3 rolls of cheap toilet paper and made a dress. Megan's friend Krystia and her group had the best dress. 
Cousins!  Crystle, Megan and Jennifer.
Me and my beautiful girls!
Three generations, me, my mom and my girls.
Last, but not least, Geoffrey.  We had several people from out of town, so Geoff came by at the end of the shower so everyone could see how big he has gotten!
It was a wonderful day.  Megan was surrounded by friends, family and lots of love!