Thursday, February 4, 2016

Book Page Stars

For a couple of years now, I have had this idea in my head to make these book page stars.  Even though Christmas is already past, I can be ahead of the game for next year!
Items needed for this project:  3-D paper mache stars in various sizes, old or new book pages, mod podge, scruffy brush, scissors, mica flakes, silver garland, german glitter and fingers.

Using the paint brush, I put the mod podge on in sections and  then used my fingers to smooth down the pages and get the placement I wanted.

Using a thin brush, place mod podge along the edges and raised portion of the star, then sprinkle with german glitter.  Make sure and put something under the surface where you are glittering to catch the excess.
It was hard to get pictures of the stars due to the camera flash.  
This group of stars has the glitter garland around the edges.  I glued the garland in place with a hot glue gun, gluing in short sections.  Warning:  glue gun is HOT!

This group may be my favorite.  Loving the vintage look, coloring of the pages and the garland.

This reproduction box of Christmas snow is used in my Santa display.  Inside is a zipper bag of mica flakes which I used on the next set of stars.

These flakes are light and fly away easily.  I used a deep glass bowl to sprinkle them over the stars.   Again brushing with mod podge and using my fingers to sprinkle the mica.
These were actually finished first.  I put them on the tree for a picture before I put it away.

In total, I made thirteen stars.  They say odd numbers are best.  My plan is to use these to decorate a garland above my kitchen window.  I can't wait to see how it looks!