Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Ugly Chair

Have you heard of Fusion Mineral Paint?  I hadn't either until the little shop across the street started carrying it.  All I can say is this stuff is amazing!

I purchased this chaise at a vendor mall for $35.00.  I had visions of my greyhounds chilling on it all stretched out.  Not to mention, it would make a comfy place to relax and read.
Didn't get a picture of the total beauty before I started tearing into it.
The body of the chair is Algonquin in Fusion Mineral Paint.
Added some trim to cover up where the fabric tore when I ripped the ruffle off.

Bowser was supervising the chair installation.

This ugly chair must have been a good one in it's prime.  The cushions are down inners with ticking outside.  I purchased some good quality cotton for the cushion covers since it won't be used that much.  Plus it was cheap!  The zippers were recycled from the original covers.  Apparently someone chewed the piping on the covers in it's previous life, so I had to make new ones.  All in all, I am pleased with the piece.